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(Chem4 x 92 OG) x Kromes The White

  • Flowering time: 54-60 days
  • Phylos genotype mapped: Yes
  • Yield: Above Average.  1-1.2g per watt
  • Height: Stocky, lush, heavy branching.
  • THC: 23-29% total THC
  • CBD: .5%
  • Effects: Indica 80/20

Dark green leaves along with a heavy structure, support very dense, trichrome covered, bright white flowers and resin covered leaves. Even her larf is dense. Chem, creamy and earthy terpenes.

Heavy, long lasting, Indica dominant effects.
Outdoor: yes/Conditional Early season.
She gets large Flowers early in the season. She's ripe early as well, so she's vulnerable to botrytis (Bud rot) if you or her go too long in the season.  Other than that she's marvelous as an early season variety