White Truffle

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Breeder: Fresh Coast Genetics

White TruffleIt’s your best friend, White Truffle effects are mainly sedative White Truffle potency is above average. White Truffle’s buttery taste and aroma is an Indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain that is a kind of gorilla butter. This strain gives you a fast and powerful high that will take away your worries. After all, these effects can be felt throughout the body and leave you in a relaxing trance. Users who have enjoyed white truffles describe the high as “calming and slightly uplifting”. This strain tastes best after a long day at work or in the evening to unwind and relax. White truffle has a spicy and earthy flavor profile accompanied by a slight skunk aroma. Medical marijuana patients choose white truffles to relieve symptoms related to stress and fatigue. According to the breeders, this strain flowers in dense spade-shaped buds with dark purple leaves that look almost black.The White Nose is mottled with ice white hair and has dark brown hair. She comes from a small breeder at Fresh Coast Genetics in Michigan, although Parabellum Genetics has a strain of the same name. If you have ever smoked, dabbed or eaten white truffle, please let us know about your experience by leaving a review.