Vertical Grow

Vertical Growing: Increase Your Yield In Less Space

Growing cannabis indoors is an expensive endeavor, between real estate costs, energy and utility bills, special equipment, labor costs, and so on. The benefit of growing indoors, of course, is the ability to control the growing environment, reducing the risk of crop loss due to drought, pests, or poor sun exposure. To make the most…

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What Is IPM and Why Is It Important?

Whether you’re an indoor grower, an outdoor grower, or simply have plants growing naturally in your area, integrated pest management (IPM) is an essential aspect of maintaining the health and strength of your plants while curbing potential environmental impacts and minimizing any possible risks to people. Defining IPM IPM is a means of preventing and…

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Cannabis as the New Commodity

Cannabis as the New Commodity  It’s relatively simple to identify traditional commodities such as gold, crude oil, coffee, and even orange juice, but cannabis is positioned to take up residence on the list as well. After winning legal approval for both medicinal and recreational use in multiple jurisdictions across the world, cannabis stocks have seen…

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